All I Want for Christmas…

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Normal isn’t a word in Karly’s vocabulary so I guess it didn’t surprise anyone when minutes before she was supposed to go onstage last night for her Christmas program, she pulled out the two bottom teeth that have been dangling from her mouth for many, many weeks. A little blood won’t stop my girl, though, so paper towel in hand (and 20 minutes after the show was supposed to start), she sang proudly and gave lots of wide smiles to show the laughing audience her latest achievement.

Kiki, on the other hand, mastered her bows and curtsies during the show and even danced a bit. When the teacher called three of the school girls forward to recite a verse, Kiki proclaimed, “I want to go too!” So she joined the group and surprised the teacher by knowing it. This was her first time doing a show like this so I thought she might be nervous to be in front of a crowd. Apparently not…

Never a dull moment around here. 🙂

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  • Marylin's Mom

    look at kikers!!! Heart and soul all the way!

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