butterfly By Kiki, Age 10 (Moonlit Fairy)

In Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor, Libby Doyle loves to paint butterflies. To celebrate the book’s theme of transformation, I’d like to invite you, your children, and/or grandchildren to paint or draw colorful butterflies for my online Butterfly Gallery.

Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor is also about relationships between the generations. If you and your children (or grandchildren) would like to submit butterfly pictures together, I’d love to display your family’s pictures on one page with a family photo. Once the files are uploaded, I will send you the link with your individual picture or your family’s picture gallery so, if you’d like, you can send it on to your family and friends.

Libby’s butterflies are Butterfly Princesses, the many daughters of the Butterfly King. Feel free to create new butterflies, but if you’d like to paint or draw the butterflies in the novel, here is a list of some of Libby’s butterfly friends:

Autumn Dancer—A carefree butterfly who loves to dance alone in the twilight, embracing the warmth of the golden hour. She is a vibrant orange and red with speckles of teal, like a leaf clinging to its branch before the wind blows it away.

Lavender Lace—This beautiful butterfly has the power to heal all sorts of wounds. She’s light purple and wears a string of pearls around her neck.

Rosa Belle—A very pink and proper butterfly who is invited often to take tea with the queen in the gardens behind Buckingham Palace.

Golden Shimmer—No specific description

Moonlit Fairy—No specific description

Emerald Dawn—This deep-green butterfly rises early to search for jewels like diamonds hidden in the dew and rubies in the roses.

Silver Shadow—This butterfly is a purplish shade of black with a silver streak running down the edge of her wings. She’s lost and can’t seem to find her way home.

I’d love to display either your pictures of Libby’s butterflies or your own creations on the Butterfly Gallery page! You can upload up to five JPG files below. If you have more pictures, please resubmit this form.

Thank you for taking this journey with me,


P.S. Please email me if you have any questions at comments(at)melaniedobson.com. There is no specific deadline to send me your pictures.

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