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Yesterday a certain five-year-old (who won’t be named, but has brown hair and beautiful brown eyes) decided to drown my cell phone with her chocolate milk. Not on purpose, of course. A complete accident they say, though no one can quite recall the details of exactly what led up to my phone being doused in milk.

At first the phone seemed okay with its unexpected bath, but then it began pulsating green and red, the keypad stopped working, and finally it went black. No amount of electricity would revive it. I thought it was a goner….

As I stood in shock–pleading in prayer for my poor phone–I remembered a column that my friend Mary Hunt wrote recently about recovering a wet phone in her daily email called Everyday Cheapskate (if you don’t get this already, it’s free and a GREAT resource for saving money!!). So I took out the battery and wiped out all the sticky milk. Then I vacuumed it. And then I put it in a bag filled with rice which seemed strange to me but when your cell phone is dead, you’ll put it in just about anything in attempt to bring it back to life.

According to the column, I was supposed to wait all night for the rice to absorb the extra moisture, but after about five hours, I couldn’t resist and plugged it in yet again. IT WORKED! I could hardly believe it. The red and green lights were gone. Keypad worked. I dialed Jon’s number, and he was shocked that I was able to use it again.

So I’m grateful this morning (a day later, it’s still working!). Thank you, God, and thank you, Mary Hunt!

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  • Mary Ann

    Great news. I will have to remember that remedy just in case. Brown hair and brown eyes – hmmm, not the child I thought did it 🙂

  • Tiffany

    My cell phone actually fell into a river once. I retrieved it and it was working fine until the day I upgraded — and I didn’t even know the rice trick.

    So funny — I had never heard this before and just did two weeks ago. Hopefully I will never have the opportunity to try it.

    I am looking forward to your new book coming out. The story sounds fascinating.

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