Colorado Ghost Towns

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One of my favorite things to do is explore ghost towns. When we lived in Colorado, we used to take our truck on the rocky, back roads to find abandoned mines and mining towns. Most of the houses and buildings are now skeletons of wood, stone, and crumbling bricks, but every once in awhile, we’ve found a town that had been abandoned in more recent years.

On this trip, we took the girls to visit some of our favorite old places, but we also discovered a 1930s or 40s mining town abandoned in the last few decades. Because of all the broken glass and floors, I explored the four remaining houses in this town on my own. One of the houses had an old doctor’s chair and dusty patient records scattered on the floor. The brightly-colored paint in all the houses was peeling, and I had to climb to get in one of the house because the stairs were gone. I loved roaming through these abandoned rooms and wondering…

For those of you who like ghost towns as much as I do, here are a few pix:

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  • Marylin's Mom

    Those pictures were so neat. I’ve never been to a ghost town. Want to though!

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