His Name in Haiti–Day Two

 In His Name in Haiti

Thank each of you for your notes! It was such a joy to return from day one of the conference this afternoon and read those. We told the Haitian ladies that you were praying for them this week, and your prayers have deeply blessed us and the women we met today.

The beginning of the conference was both overwhelming and amazing. To compress the past ten hours is almost impossible, because we are still processing all that has happened. The Spirit moved today in a powerful way, and we are humbled and incredibly grateful for it.

As we walked into the open air sanctuary this morning, it was our privilege to hug the beautiful women dressed in their Sunday best. Outside the sanctuary were palm trees and mountains and people singing below. Inside were pink and white balloons and two giant fans working hard to cool almost two hundred ladies and a host of translators.

When Diane began speaking, the connection between her and these ladies was immediate and clearly inspired by God. Through the translation of Madam Jeune, Diane thanked the ladies for pouring their lives out for so many. And she explained that it was our turn to pour into them.

(Ann and our new friends)

“You and I are an essential part of God’s kingdom,” Diane told them. “God calls each of us by name.”

(Jodi and our new friends. Jodi took most of these pictures)

Amens resounded around the room as she began to encourage them through the story of God meeting Moses at the burning bush.  Each lady received a packet of the names of God as Diane spoke, each Bible verse written in both French and Creole. Then they all received one name—a name that has been prayed over for months. A name we hoped would speak specifically to them.

 The ladies began to share the names of God they received along with their stories.

A lady with diabetes received the name Physician.

The lady who received Child lost her children during the earthquake.

Almighty was given to the woman whose son had been kidnapped, held for ransom, and then returned six days later to the glory of God.

A lady who had a dream about the Prince of Peace before the conference received a card with that name.

God With Us was given to a woman whose twelve children had been rescued from the earthquake.

A young woman, heartbroken that her three-year-old daughter is not yet talking, received The God Who Sees Me.

And the stories about the Lord’s names continued as we broke into small groups and shared together.


 Jenna Silva spoke to the ladies next about El Roi—The God Who Sees Me. She shared her story of growing up as the daughter of a pastor, of her rebellion and then of her reconciliation with God and her family. The ladies were overwhelmed with emotion. Perhaps some of them have children who have walked away from God. Others may even be drifting away from God themselves. We may never know all of these ladies’ stories, but Jenna’s words met them in a deep place that crossed cultural boundaries and spoke to the heart of their struggles and joys and the desire for their families to know God.

(Diane and Jenna)

We have many more stories to share in the days and even weeks to come.  Please don’t stop praying for us and our new Haitian friends. We desperately need the Spirit to carry us through this week.

(Beth holding a baby at the conference)

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