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Thank you to Violet Nesdoly for hosting November’s Fiction Celebration. The theme this month—novels I’ve found irresistible. It’s hard to narrow my long list of favorite inspirational fiction, but five novels I loved reading this year are:

The Awakening
Written from the perspective of a suicidal woman who suffers from agoraphobia (tough perimeters for a novelist), Angela Hunt creates an entertaining and inspiring story. This tightly written parable is about overcoming personal trauma and finding the courage to uncover the truth.

Kissing Adrian
Unique is one way to describe Siri Mitchell’s debut novel. Moving, irresistible, and inspiring are several others. I was in Paris with the main character, Claire—experiencing her transformation as she learns to enjoy an array of God’s gifts.

Quinlin’s Estate
David Long uses the components of a predictable plot—old house, old mystery, old treasure—and turns it upside down. With its extraordinary plotting and descriptive writing, Quinlin’s Estate is about finding a treasure more valuable than gold.

Kristen Heitzmann’s romantic mystery is set in an old Sonoma villa. When Rese and Lance are thrown together to restore the villa into a bed and breakfast, their secrets are slowly revealed. This is a beautifully written novel that I savored to the end.

When the Day of Evil Comes
Melanie Well’s creepy debut novel delves into the spiritual battle warring for hearts and minds. The reluctant main character is thrust into this battle, and her journey is a wild ride of mystery, terror, and hope in Christ. My full review of this well-written suspense is at:

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  • Paula

    These sound good! Thanks for taking the time to recommend them.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Melanie,

    I would like to contact you regarding Melanie Wells on behalf of her marketing agency, Taylor-Made Press. We are looking for your contact information so that you might receive a copy of her new novel. If you are interested, please contact me at with your mailing, email, and telephone contact information.

    Thank you!
    Erin Waters

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