It’s here!!

 In Fiction Journey

It’s been my dream to write (and publish) fiction since I attempted my first Nancy Drew-esque novel in junior high. Six years ago, I began to seriously pursue fiction writing, but after completing three manuscripts (and still not finding a publisher), I was discouraged. It seemed like this dream had been a waste of time.

Then Kregel Publications picked up my third novel—the story of a woman’s search for the son she lost in a failed adoption. The whirlwind began…contracts, rewriting, marketing, more rewriting. But the process didn’t quite seem real until I received my first copy of Together for Good in the mail this week and opened the cover. My novel. Amazing.

I thank God for His faithfulness. And I’m grateful for the friends and family who’ve supported and prayed for me during this journey.

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  • Vennessa

    Oh wow! It’s finally here, or rather, there.

    I am so thrilled for you, Melanie!

    {{HUGE HUGS}}

    Doing a snoopy dance in celebration.

  • Sharon Hinck

    I’m so happy for you!
    I remember when we talked about our books at Mount Hermon.
    What a joy to celebrate this with you!
    Huge blessings,

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