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Our eight-year-old daughter sat with us in church on Sunday and decided to take notes on our pastor’s excellent message about storing treasures in heaven and worrying on the earth.

Here is Karly’s take on the message (and the link to John Mark’s actual words):

John Mark Comer’s Message
Worry Has a Name


Treshures on earth=coins, gold, clothes

Don’t stor up for yourselves in heavean-heaven is slippery

God talked about the heart

One persercent on grade=no

Stor up heaven on earth

How long dois the tan last?

Ten bucks, spend it on the handey caft children

Heated stearing wheel

I’m going to work 8, 9, 10, to 11 days

How long will your kids last? My anser is till their 100.

Helthy eye or killed eye

Good heven, bad heaven

Share, pass the blessing on, but if your not healthey, disipatent into thin

Quit your job, no, instead help your naborse (neighbors)

And buy more stuff? No, you need nothing.

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  • Jodi Stilp

    you gotta love Karly! Thanks for sharing Mel!

  • Tosha Williams

    Karly is precious. Love that girl!

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