Oregon Coast Hike

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On Sunday afternoon we escaped to the Oregon coast and found an incredible trail north of Lincoln City. We climbed up a steep hill, ducked under a leafy tunnel, and then hiked over a green pasture. At the top of the mountain were fields of purple and white wildflowers, grazing elk, and an incredible view of the Cascade Head bay and Pacific Ocean. Waves crashed against the boulders and cliffs below us, and clouds rolled over the green peaks in front of us.

The girls made it the four miles up and back with only a few scrapes. Jon’s heart about failed when he almost stepped on a fierce black snake (that would be a garter snake, we think…). And I have tire-esque tracks embedded on my chin and left knee to commemorate my very ungraceful tumble down the hill. Everyone’s bones are intact though so all is well.

After our hike, we ate clam chowder, fried scallops, fish & chips, and chicken strips on the beach–nothing like good seafood to top off a perfect hike and make you forget about your bumps and bruises.

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  • Mary Ann

    How absolutely beautiful. I am so jealous. Where are the elk pictures (not that I don’t love seeing the family)?

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