My husband and I have adopted two beautiful girls, and many of my novels like Together for Good and Chateau of Secrets include adoption themes. To read more of our family’s story, please click here.

Even though more than two million Americans are raising adopted children, there is nothing ordinary about the process of adoption, but if you are feeling called to adopt as well, I’d like to encourage you to pursue it.together_flat_390

The Connected Child, has been an invaluable and encouraging resource for our family. Laura Christianson, the adoptive mom who hosts the Exploring Adoption website and blog, also has written an excellent book called The Adoption Decision: 15 Things You Want to Know Before Adopting that answers some of the toughest questions about adoption and covers topics like the role of birth parents, medical challenges, emotional/behavioral challenges, and racial prejudices.

Getting information on state (or international) laws and agency regulations may be relatively easy, but there are a number of emotional issues that arise during the process that aren’t always addressed in a manual. Websites such as Exploring Adoption encourage adoptive couples and discuss the “heart issues” such as:

  • Adopting a child with special needs
  • Avoiding deceptive adoption agencies and fraud
  • Deciding what to do when a birth parent wants their child back

If you’re exploring the possibility of adoption or are feeling overwhelmed by the process, some other great information to help guide you include:

Getting Started

Adoption Family (list of topics, agencies, and resources)

Adoption Information (articles on pertinent adoption issues)

Adoption Tax Credit

Focus on the Family—Adoption Resources

National Council for Adoption


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