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If you haven’t been to the Atlanta aquarium, it’s breathtaking. Fish swim overhead above tangled vines and tanks with electric eels, glimmering piranha, and the creepy gray and pink arapaima. There are beluga whales, leafy seahorses, moon jellies, African penguins, and every kind and color of tropical fish in their amazing ocean display.

What was I doing in Atlanta last week (sans kids!)? I was at the annual Christian booksellers convention—catching up with friends, meeting with business contacts, and signing a few books. While I love the energy at ICRS, I was ready to escape for a few hours on Sunday afternoon so I joined the lines of tourists crowding into the new aquarium at Centennial Park.

As I rested on the floor in front of a 63-foot window, I marveled at the schools of cownose stingrays (fifty or more) gliding like eagles below the giant whale sharks. And I was at peace as I was reminded of the amazing details and differences in God’s creation.

In a convention filled with awards and well-known writers and bestselling products, it’s easy to sink into the trap of feeling lost and unimportant. But as I wandered around and looked at hundreds of different kinds of fish, God reminded me that not only did he design a spectacular underwater world, He created every person unique with distinct personalities and interests and stories to tell. Even if my talents seem small or insignificant compared to other writers, it doesn’t matter. I am who God made me, and I pray that I’m doing exactly what He wants me to do.

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  • Vennessa


    Thank you, Melanie.

    You don’t know how much I needed to hear that message today.

  • Sharon Hinck

    I so longed to hook up with you while at ICRS.
    I should have checked the fish tanks! 🙂
    What a lovely reminder of the beauty of variety. I know I’m just a little guppy,and there are times I’m tempted to wish for the teeth of a shark, the nose of a swordfish, the colors of an angel fish, the size of a whale, the humor of a dolphin. Seems everyone else is more important. More USEFUL. I needed this reminder to be a guppy who is happy to swim in God’s waters, trusting His love.

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