Catching the Wind

“Dobson creates a labyrinth of intrigue, expertly weaving a World War II drama with a present-day mystery to create an unforgettable story…. Dobson takes readers on an amazing journey through the British-German underground alliances of World War II. Melding past and present in unpredictable ways, this is a must-read for fans of historical time slip fiction.” (Publisher’s Weekly, starred review)

“A beautiful and captivating novel with compelling characters, intriguing mystery and true friendship. The story slips flawlessly between present day and WWII, the author’s sense of timing and place contributing to the reader’s urge to devour the book in one sitting yet simultaneously savor its poignancy.” (RT Book Reviews, Top Pick)

“Carol Award-winning author Dobson (Chateau of Secrets) skillfully interweaves three separate lives as she joins the past and present in an uplifting tale of courage, love, and enduring hope. A strong choice for historical fiction fans who appreciate well-developed characters and settings.” (Library Journal)

“Catching the Wind is a sweeping and beautifully written historical novel that showcases Melanie Dobson’s ability to tell a complex and enduring tale—one that will captivate readers with how love transcends the ravages of war.” (Kellie Coates Gilbert, author of The Texas Gold novels and Sun Valley Series)

“Another captivating weave of great characters, superb storytelling, and rich, historical detail from talented wordsmith Melanie Dobson. A story to remind us all that resilience springs from hope, and hope from love.” (Susan Meissner, author of Secrets of a Charmed Life)

“Intricate and lyrical, Catching the Wind tells intertwining stories of lost souls and faithful hearts. Once again, Melanie Dobson pens a novel full of fascinating historical detail and characters as real as your best friends – and worst enemies. Engrossing, beautiful, and thoughtful, this is a novel to be savored.” (Sarah Sundin, award-winning author of When Tides Turn)

“A childhood bond, never forgotten, leads to a journey of secrets revealed and lifelong devotion rewarded. Readers will delight in traveling along with Quenby as she discovers that the past can change the present.” (Lisa Wingate, National Bestselling Author of The Sea Keeper’s Daughters)

“My heart raced and at times broke as I read Catching the Wind. Melanie Dobson soulfully captures the ache of being separated from those you love…the ache that journeys with refugees past and present. As I’ve interviewed refugees in the Middle East and Europe they’ve shared story after story of being ripped away from family, from home, from country. They’ve also told me stories of hope and redemption. And ultimately that is the story of this book, one that reminds us grace comes to take us further than we can imagine…to a place our hearts feel at home”. (Tamara Park, producer, director and author of Sacred Encounters from Rome to Jerusalem)

Beneath a Golden Veil

“Beneath a Golden Veil captivated me from the beginning, from the brave souls in Virginia who dared to escape slavery to those who embraced freedom along the dusty streets of promise in Sacramento City. Once again, Melanie Dobson has taken me on a journey that touched my heart. I could not put it down…it’s that good!” (Ann Menke, author of Exposure to a Billionaire)

“This book is AMAZING! There are so many twists and turns, along with surprises that will keep you riveted to the pages of this book. Melanie Dobson has written a spell-binding story that will keep you up long into the night!” (Regina, Goodreads)

Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor

“How far do patterns of behavior echo through generations? Are they passed down through a family’s DNA — or through choices subtly modeled by one parent after another? ‘Armchair psychologists’ will love how Dobson tackles these intriguing questions in this past-meets-present page-turner, and Anglophiles will find the manor, cottage and butterfly garden settings irresistible. Perfect with a pot of English tea!” (Christine Lord at CBD, New & Recommended)

“Mystery, intrigue and grace . . . these are the hallmarks of Dobson’s time-split novels. Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor is meticulously researched amid England’s lovely Cotswolds. Beautifully written by this master storyteller and not to be missed.” (Cathy Gohlke, Christy Award-winning author of Secrets She Kept and Saving Amelie )

“For the second year in a row, Melanie Dobson has penned my absolute favorite novel of the year. In 2014, Chateau of Secrets blew me away, and in 2015, Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor did the same. Maggie, Walter, Libby, and Heather are fascinating characters, and the intricate web of secrets is slowly unraveled. With writing as lovely as Libby’s butterfly paintings, I was swept into the world of English gardens and intertwined families. Do not miss this novel, my friends!” (Sarah Sundin, Award-winning author of World War II fiction)

“Melanie Dobson’s new book skillfully weaves together past and present as she takes the reader on a fascinating journey to a shocking secret held for generations. A book about choices, consequences, and ultimately redemption, this beautiful story highlights the love of family, and the sacrifices we make and secrets we keep for better or for worse.” (Jennifer Shaw, Telly Award winning speaker, author, writer of songs like “Your Child”, and five time Top 40 Billboard artist)

“An old, cherished house is like the human heart, we keep treasures safely tucked within: some conquests we proudly display, some treasures we put behind glass, some secrets we hide from sight, our own and others’. In Shadows of Ladenbrook Manor, Ms. Dobson skillfully plaits the complex strands of life: golden and dark, truth and deception, love and loss into an engaging, multi-generational story of heartache and ultimate, unexpected redemption. Any reader might both lose and find herself between the covers of this compelling novel. (Sandra Byrd, author of Mist of Midnight: A Novel)

“Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor by Melanie Dobson is a beautiful and touching novel filled with family drama, mystery, and romance. You’ll be swept away to the English countryside as you follow the interwoven stories of three women in one family who discover the healing power of love and forgiveness. Engaging from beginning to end!” (Carrie Turansky, award-winning author of The Daughter of Highland Hall and A Refuge at Highland Hall)

“Dobson’s latest is a splendid combination of the past and the present, skillfully woven together with an interesting mystery. The fascinating British setting, exploration of family secrets and hopeful ending create an engaging reading experience.” (RT Book Review, 4 stars)

“Dobson, author of 13 novels (Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana), has written in historical, suspense, and contemporary genres, and her newest blends all three in a tale that shifts from the 1950s, to the 1970s, and to the present. Dobson does a masterly job weaving the disparate tales: art restorer Heather Toulson must return to the English town she fled 25 years ago after Christopher Westcott broke her heart; Maggie Emerson hid a terrible tragedy, then did all she could to prevent it from happening again to her daughter; Libby Doyle, Maggie’s daughter, is an unusual and sensitive girl who is loved by Oliver Croft, the wealthy boy who lives next door in Ladenbrooke Manor; and Walter Doyle is the figure whose story is woven through generations of families and secrets. Dobson handles sensitive issues with tact, careful to avoid too much detail but remaining honest. Mysteries are solved, truths revealed, and loves rekindled in a book sure to draw new fans to Dobson’s already large base.” (Publisher’s Weekly)

Chateau of Secrets

“Amazing characters, deep family secrets, and an authentic French chateau make Dobson’s story a delight.” (RT Book Review, 4 1/2 stars)

“Seldom do I read an entire book in one day, but I did with Château of Secrets. I was entranced by the beautifully researched setting and the complex web of characters. Melanie Dobson has written a masterful novel!” (Sarah Sundin, award-winning author of On Distant Shores)

“With emotion and intrigue, Melanie Dobson brings World War II France to life in this beautiful novel about war, family, sacrifice, and the secrets of the past” (CBD, New & Recommended)

“Intriguing and suspenseful, rich in secrets, hidden tunnels and heroic deeds–Melanie Dobson’s Chateau of Secrets weaves a compelling tale of a family’s sacrifice for those in need, and their determination to resist Nazi domination in the France they remember and love. A compelling and beautiful story .” (Cathy Gohlke, Christy Award winning author of Saving Amelie and Band of Sisters)

Chateau of Secrets is the heart-wrenching tale of two women who must uncover the truth of their past in order to find peace and–in one case–true love in their future. The secrets the characters have kept and the lies they have told drive a story that is filled with suspense and romance.” (Anna Schmidt, author of All God’s Children, Simple Faith, and Safe Haven, The Peacemaker Series)

Courier of Caswell Hall

“Melanie Dobson has again offered up a wonderfully written novel in her latest release, The Courier of Caswell Hall. I found the book to be heart-stirring and fast-paced, with interesting historical details woven into the pages. I’ve never read an American Revolution-themed story that intrigued me so much as this one did!” (Christian Fiction Addiction)

“This is the best historical fiction I’ve read since the last time I’ve read a Melanie Dobson novel. There’s just something about this author who is able to transport me completely to whatever time and place she chooses. Her unique perspective helps to set her books apart from others; The Courier of Caswell Hall focuses on the many roles women played in the Revolutionary War – and I don’t mean from inside their kitchens, either.” (A Nest in the Rocks)

“Melanie Dobson has woven yet another outstanding tapestry of historical fiction; with characters so real in nature that I read her notes at the end of the book several times to convince myself that Lydia and Nathan were just figments of her imagination and a great deal of research.” (Rebecca, reader)

“I have to say that when I read the prologue it was so beautifully written (I read it with tears streaming down my face) that I just knew the rest of the book couldn’t measure up to the high standards I had already set. I was so very wrong and so thoroughly pleased. This was a beautiful story of love and loss, hope and strength, devastation and yet, beauty. I felt like I was IN the story fighting along side of Nathan, Seth and Grayson. Delivering messages with Lydia and Sarah. The Revolutionary War was brought to life within the pages of this book. When there was death I cried with those left behind. When there was even a small victory I rejoiced along with them. I don’t think I have ever read a story that has evoked such emotion in me. The Courier of Caswell Hall is a book that you will want to read again and again. It will take you on an emotional journey that you will never forget. I VERY highly recommend reading this book!” (A Book Lover’s Retreat)

Where the Trail Ends

“More a historical tale with a romantic subplot, this book will have readers feeling like they are part of the harrowing wagon train heading west on an exciting, amazing journey that they won’t want to end.” (RT Book Review, 4 stars)

“A lovely, well-paced novel with enchanting characters and surprising plot twists. This is not your typical Oregon Trail story-there is more love than loss and more hope than grief on this wagon train west. Melanie Dobson gives her readers the delight of what happens after people arrived in the Oregon territory, with the assurance that the end of the trail is really not the end after all.” — Jane Kirkpatrick, bestselling author of All Together in One Place

“Award-winning author Melanie Dobson’s latest book, Where the Trail Ends, set in the mid 1800s, tells of the adventurous–but extremely dangerous–months-long wagon train journey along the Oregon Trail, heading from Ohio to that far western state…. It’s a gripping story based on historic records of what actually took place during that period.” (Earl Weirich, CBN Review)

“I’m always amazed at how some authors can truly get into the mind of their characters. Melanie Dobson has this wonderful gift and she treats her readers to romance and adventure combined with a bit of history in Where the Trail Ends. This is her second book that I’ve read (Love Finds You in Macinac Island is the other one) and I’ve been swept away both times!” (Morning Glories and Moonflowers)

Read more Where the Trail Ends reviews here.

Love Finds You in Mackinac Island, Michigan

“Dobson’s research shows in every chapter. The details and charming facts of Mackinac Island are illustrated perfectly. Although the island could have taken on a life of its own, the characters are vibrant enough and have a strong enough story to balance things. This book has everything a reader looks for in historical fiction.” (RT Book Review, 4 1/2 stars)

Love Finds You in Mackinac Island, Michigan has all of the elements that I crave and I was delighted from the beginning to the end. Please give me more like this!” (Margaret Chind, Creative Madness Mama)

Love Finds You in Mackinac Island, Michigan is a quaint, charming, and refreshingly entertaining story. Dobson’s deft pacing, crisp dialogue, and lovable characters make it an enjoyable tale about universal themes: love vs. money, duty and loyalty vs. fulfillment of one’s own dreams, and the challenges and rewards associated with fully trusting.” (Colloquim)

“Melanie Dobson has thoroughly researched Mackinac Island history in order to bring readers a delightful tale of life among the wealthy during the 1890s. Take a charming young miss from a wealthy family whose fortune is doomed, and an entrepreneur who is wildly successful in business, cast some star-gazing into the mix, and you have the push-pull of this plot right down to the satisfying ending.” (Freddie, Amazon reader)

Love Finds You in Nazareth, Pennsylvania

“I devoured every word of Love Finds You in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Dobson has written another page-turner, and this one moved me to tears more than once. The complex relationships, historical setting, and suspenseful plot all create a gripping story. I couldn’t put it down.” (Leslie Gould, bestselling coauthor of The Amish Midwife and The Amish Nanny)

“Outstanding story with very strong historical roots. You really don’t realize how much faith our forefathers actually had until you read books like these” (David, reader)

Love Finds You in Nazareth, Pennsylvania was a wonderfully enjoyable reading experience. Melanie, once again, did a fabulous job with this book. I found myself connecting to characters and cheering them along throughout the course of their individual and collective stories. I thoroughly enjoy historical fiction books . . . but often find them a bit too historical- boring instead of historical- entertaining; Not the case with this book. I was immediately interested in the history and fascinated by the lives of the characters. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys: drama, suspense, and love/romance in a book. Melanie out did her self with this wholesomely entertaining book.” (Torri, reader)

“My favorite thing about Nazareth was the the way Dobson weaved together the Boehler’s romance as husband and wife, and their mission to the Indians. The way the characters develop is poignant and relevant for our journey of sanctification too…even 250 years later. Through the story the reader is given a picture of what it looks like in 18th century America to grow in faith in every area of life, to lean on God for both things that are personal and corporate, and through this, the reader’s heart can ask their own question: “How am I leaning on God? Am I trusting Him for both the private and the public spheres of my life? Will I let Him grow his Spirit in me even if it feels risky?

I, the reader, was both enriched and entertained by Love Finds You in Nazareth in Pennsylvania. I was also reminded by Dobson’s telling of this story that our God is a God with a perfect plan for each of us, and that even when life’s circumstances seam contrary and confusing, we can trust Him for Beauty and Redemption.” (Morgan, reader)

Love Finds You in Amana, Iowa

“I very much enjoyed how the story unfolded, how it passed back and forth from Amalie and Frederick to tell their perspective independently of each other and Matthias’s struggle with his feelings. The author had such vivid descriptions I felt I was traveling with Amalie as she journeyed to Amana, or with Frederick as he fought with the soldiers and with Matthias as he crafted in the Colonies. Highly recommend this one to anyone, I read it in two days and could not put it down.” (Brenda, reader)

“Dobson pulls readers into this 19th century world through historical detail and great descriptions. Each of the characters is sympathetic, and readers will find themselves torn between Friedrich and Matthias. This romance is moving, heart-breaking, and in the end, full of hope.” (Christy’s Book Blog)

“You can tell that this author did her research on the Amana colonies as well as the Civil War. I truly enjoyed reading about Amalie and her life traveling to her new home in Amana, Iowa. The author shows the emotions of being on a wagon train in the 1800’s. The time away that Amalie and Friedrich have to endure in order to marry shows how the Amana colonies take marriage serious. I love that about the history of these people and of people of the past. Tragedy befalls this community and the author shows us the personal side to this tragedy. I was happy to see that this book didn’t have an expected ending. Things shifted midway through the book that I didn’t see coming and I love books that do that. Keeps you on your toes…” (Ladybug Chronicles)

The Silent Order

Romantic Times Top Pick (4 1/2 stars)

2011 Carol Award Winner for Romantic Suspense

“What a wonderful book by an amazing author! In Dobson’s latest offering, readers will find mystery, love and values that have withstood the test of time. The characters are a delight and readers get a fascinating glimpse into the underworld of gangsters during the era of Prohibition and the dangers police faced in keeping law and order.” (Romantic Times, Top Pick, 4 1/2 stars)

“Melanie Dobson weaves a tale of intrigue cloaked in secrets yet threaded with elements of grace. Put The Silent Order on your must-have list.” (Kim Vogel Sawyer, bestselling author of My Heart Remembers)

“The instant pull into the story is absolutely amazing. The plot line is different, though. Very different. Melanie Dobson is a seasonally talented author who truly knows what her fans will love. She took two extremely different worlds and blended them in a way that would seem unthinkably impossible. But, she did it and it was WONDERFUL! Rollin Wells, a 1920’s detective, was the depth of the story. Dobson chiseled his character into one that instantly grabs you and pulls you by his side to solve the case. The mysterious air around him really makes the story one that it’s hard to put down (literally! I did NOT want to put the book down!).” (Reviews by Molly)

The Silent Order by Melanie Dobson is proof that bonnet lit is branching out into other genres. Rollin Wells is a detective working to bring down the gangster family the Cardanos in 1928 Ohio. When his partner is killed while they investigate a lead out in Amish country, Rollin is forced to seek help from Katie Lehman, a local girl with a secret. He has to try and bring down the Cardano family before they destroy him, and Katie, who is beginning to claim his heart. Dobson’s writing is always very smart with three-dimensional characters and complicated and intelligent plots. There is a sense of darkness around Rollin’s quest to bring down the Cardanos, as well as Katie’s secret. The chemistry between Rollin and Katie is both immediate and very real….As the tension grows, the pages fly by until the reader finally remembers to breathe again.” (Christy’s Book Blog)

“Folks, Melanie Dobson writes a VERY GOOD story!! She takes you into the darkness of the mob boss and his family, the lives of the detectives trying to uncover the mob’s secrets, and the life of a woman and her son who are trying to forget their past. I never did figure out what the connections were for these three very different groups of people, and when the connections came to light…my jaw hit the floor! All of the sudden everything took on new meaning and the urgency and suspense of the story line sky-rocketed in my heart!” (Berly Sue Blog)

Refuge on Crescent Hill

“It’s history, mystery, and treasure hunt wrapped up in one suspenseful adventure! You’ll want to keep the lights on while you read Dobson’s plot-driven story. She so skillfully sets the scene in this memory-haunting house that you’ll hear the creaks and footsteps. And whether lost or redeemed, her believable characters ring true with their genuine faults, all-too-human mistakes, and realistic ‘skeletons in the closet.'”(

“I’ve been wanting to read a Melanie Dobson book because everything I’ve heard about her is fantastic, this book didn’t let me down. Tight storyline with some great characters (good and bad), excellent plot twists with a mystery unraveling from the past as well as in the present and enough suspense to keep me up really late reading until I was done. This book was wonderful and it let me know that I will be adding more of Melanie’s books to my keeper shelf!” (Cornhusker Academy)

“History afictionados as well as contemporary fans will enjoy Melanie Dobson’s Refuge on Crescent Hill. This book is big on suspense, with two intertwined plots occurring at once and coming together with a big bang at the end. Ms. Dobson manages to incorporate historical facts and tidbits from the pre-American Revolution era up through the post-Civil War period yet keep this contemporary read very much in the now. In Refuge on Crescent Hill, things are not what they seem, not to the characters in the story nor to the reader. There are plot twists and red herrings that keep one guessing almost to the very satisfying conclusion.” (Readin N Writin)

“Mixing romance, a modern day mystery, rumors of ghosts and other paranormal activity, and an alleged hidden treasure, Melanie Dobson provides readers with a wonderful contemporary tale.” (Harriet Klausner, reader)

“I have finally had a chance to read Refuge on Crescent Hill, and …wow! What a multi-layered story! Initially, I thought the “mystery” would be kind of obvious, and as far as the physical aspect of it, I was right. However, Melanie Dobson weaves a much more complex story in and around the search for physical wealth, and thus she gives the story a much deeper meaning and adds a greater urgency and element of suspense to the ongoing search for treasure. Bottom line, this story has a sort of down-home Southern feel to it with an element of suspense thrown in that keeps you moving forward—never certain what will turn up next! Refuge on Crescent Hill will make an excellent Summer read!”—(Berly Sue, reader)

Love Finds You in Homestead, Iowa

2011 Carol Award Winner for Historical Romance

“Dobson draws from a simpler time in a communal setting and paints a stunning love story. The reader will become part of the main characters survival story-one where poverty will not be a victor and crime will not triumph.” (Romantic Times, 4 stars)

“What a touching, lovely romance! I adored Love Finds You in Homestead, Iowa. Dobson’s compelling, vivid storytelling took me to an unforgettable Amana community that I didn’t want to leave. Highly recommended!” (Colleen Coble, author of The Lightkeeper’s Daughter)

“Melanie Dobson weaves an extraordinary slice of history and a unique setting into a charming love story that will captivate your imagination and create a yearning for the simple life of the old Amanas.” (Judith Miller, author of The Daughters of Amana series)

“…a great story set in the Amana Colonies—warm and intriguing.” (Cindy Woodsmall, New York Times best-selling author)

“I was delighted with this wonderful book by an author who was new to me. I have seen signs for the Amana Colonies when driving through Iowa, and this story helped me understand what this community was like. I loved the characters (it would be fun to “meet” little Cassie!) as well as the development of the story with its unexpected events and plot twists.” (Ruth Ann, reader)

Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana

Indiana Novel of the Year, 2010

Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana, by Melanie Dobson, has kept me captive for the past few days. This was a novel that defied all expectations. It broke the mold of a traditional, predictable romance and I couldn’t get enough of it.” (Nicole Miller)

Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana is not at all what I was expecting! This novel was fabulous because that’s what it was–a real novel. I was expecting a formulaic romance story. But what I got was a bona fide novel with history, suspense, some romance, and much more. I couldn’t put it down.” (Tina Scott, The Dabbling Mom)

“A compelling historical romance intricately woven with suspense, page-turning tension, and tender glimpses into a passionate young heroine’s heart. Melanie Dobson’s strong storytelling skills will have you glued to the pages of this intensely satisfying book.” (Miralee Ferrell, author of The Other Daughter)

“Melanie Dobson crafts a lyrical novel about the brave sojourners on Indiana’s Underground Railroad. Step backward in time with her characters and be ready to lose your heart!” (Patti Lacy, author of What the Bayou Saw)

“Dobson’s contribution to this multiauthor series about a unique character and the town in which they live centers on the Quakers in the 1850s who helped with the Underground Railroad. Even though the characters are fictional, they leap off the page as if they were real.” (Romantic Times Book Reviews, 4 stars)

“Melanie Dobson is a diverse and talented author. It’s crazy, but I love every book she’s written that is on the market. Every single one. Love Finds you in Liberty, Indiana is no exception. It’s interesting, compelling, emotional and gripping. I didn’t want to do anything except read this book. The characters are strong and yet realistic. The attraction makes sense and goes deeper than just a pretty face. The element of danger will leave you a bit breathless. Every time those slave hunters showed up I swear I held my breath! And not only is the story compelling, but it was well-researched.” (Michelle Sutton, Edgy Inspirational Author Blog)

Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana is not only a love story. It is a history lesson of one of our nation’s most horrifying eras. Through Anna Brent’s beliefs, Melanie Dobson takes the reader into a suspenseful, page-turning triumph of God’s love for us and our fellow man. A ten on the faith scale. ” (Cynthia Hickey, author)

“I just finished reading your book, Love Finds You in Liberty Indiana. For the past year I have been hooked on inspirational novels by Karen Kingsbury, Wanda Brunstetter, and Beverly Lewis about the Amish lives and lifestyles. I wasn’t sure I was ready for a different kind of novel but now that I have read yours, I’m wanting more. It was a wonderful story full of mystery, history, and just enough love story without being gushy or distracting. Love your work!” (Karen H., reader)

“I’m absolutely intrigued by the quality of your writing and the exciting story line. I do have one problem with the book: Once I pick it up and start reading it I can’t put it down.” (Earl, reader)

“So I could not put this book down. I read it one night start to finish (it was a late night for me) and had no idea how it was going to end. It is a very intriguing story about the underground railroad, and a great glimpse of what it would have been like to be living in that era. Loved the historical aspect and the example of living your life as a sacrifice for others, standing for what you know is right. Highly recommend! ” (Kari A., reader)

“Dobson masterfully weaves suspense, history and romance into a page-turning thriller. I found myself re-living the characters lives as I tripped through my daily life and mulling over their dilemma to choose obedience to God above all else. The questions of faith spurred spiritual wrestling and growth in my life. You will not be disappointed.” (Jodi S., reader)

The Black Cloister

ForeWord Book of the Year (2009), Religious Fiction

“Intriguing and enlightening, The Black Cloister is an emotionally engaging and enjoyable novel that will leave you wishing you didn’t have to say good-bye to the two women who are sure to capture your heart as they journey toward freedom.” (Linda Michaels,

“What a story! From the moment I opened up to the first page of The Black Cloister, I was hooked. This intense, well-crafted story about a modern day cult will have you wondering long into the night. I look forward to more Melanie Dobson books.” (Linda Hall, author of Shadows in the Mirror)

The Black Cloister grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go until I reached the very last page. A week later, Elise Friedman’s story is still with me. I think about her, shiver at the horror she faced. Every now and then I find myself wanting to breathe a prayer for her . . . This book is good. Very good. I wish I had written it.” (Jessy Ferguson, Book Reviewer)

“I have been forever changed as a result of reading Melanie’s book, and you will be, as well. The action and suspense that usually keep me turning the pages of a book were there in full force, but they were also overshadowed by a larger story. The story of God’s love for His creation, His goodness despite the evil darkness this world can hold, and His tenacity in pursuing the one lamb that was lost.” (Sarah, Real Life Review)

“In tightly written, beautiful prose, Dobson manages to combine intrigue with cultural issues, such as prostitution and cultic abuse. Time spent walking the cobbled streets of Germany enabled this strong writer to paint a picture of winding, picturesque roads, majestic castles, hushed cathedrals, lush meadows, deep forests, and bustling European markets.” (Patti Lacy, Book Reviewer)

“I couldn’t stop reading Melanie Dobson’s The Black Cloister. Dobson does it all in this book: she creates breathtaking suspense, characters you care about and addresses an important issue you won’t easily forget. The Black Cloister is a winner—you won’t go wrong with this book.” (Christy Barritt, author of the Squeaky Clean Series)

“The deeper the darkness, the brighter God’s light can shine—as Melanie Dobson so ably proves in The Black Cloister. A stunning book.” (Shelley Bates, author of the Elect Trilogy)

“Dobson weaves a powerful and emotionally gripping tale that at times was so suspenseful that I would rather read the story than eat or sleep. The conclusion is also satisfying as it shows the power of true Godly love and how truth is more powerful than evil when you cling to His promises and minister to His children.” (Michelle Sutton, book reviewer)

Going for Broke

“In Going for Broke, Melanie Dobson artistically paints the secret life of the compulsive gambler and then shines the bright light of help and hope. Bravo!” (Mary Hunt, author of Debt-Proof Living)

“I just finished reading Going For Broke. Thank you for writing about a topic that is a huge problem, but no one wants to talk about it. I look forward to reading your future books.” (Julie, reader)

“In Going for Broke, author Melanie Dobson writes with her finger on the pulse of addictive gambling. Readers will hold their breath as bets are made, will cringe as the consequences deepen, and will ultimately smile as the grace of God pierces through the most devastating of circumstances.

Going for Broke is an intensely realistic look into the destructive cycle of the gambling addiction. Though the book focuses on gambling, it serves as a realistic portrait of the downward spiral involved with any form of addiction. As Leia falls deeper in debt, she must continue to hide her sin from the women at the local church, not to mention Ethan (her loving husband). The web gets smaller and the stakes get higher until Leia must make a heartbreaking decision. Either she must admit and reveal her destruction to Ethan or continue down a path of ever deepening darkness.

The novel had a way of drawing me in, of slowly reeling me closer and closer to the end that I hoped all along wouldn’t happen. It both thrilled and frightened. It introduced me to characters whom I wanted to reach out to and help. Ultimately, the book educated me, something of which I believe the author would be proud. Going for Broke isn’t a gamble at all as far as books are concerned – it’s an absolute winner.” (Lauren Steigerwald, Christian Book Previews)

“In Going For Broke, Melanie Dobson pens a tale that is both touching and devastating. Through each page-turning chapter, the tension builds, pulling the reader into the very core of the heroine’s struggle with the addiction of gambling. A very powerful, compelling read that had me cheering at the end.” (Nancy Jo Jenkins, Author, Coldwater Revival)

Going for Broke is a fast-paced read and an addiction of its own. Melanie brilliantly captures the allure of “one more try” and the slippery slope that leads from entertainment to destruction. Take a gamble on this book—you’re sure to promise yourself, “Just one more page…” (Alison Strobel, Author, Worlds Collide and Violette Between)

“I was amazed at the insight Melanie Dobson had regarding this hidden addiction. Her sensitivity, yet witty portrayal of the main character captures the reality of what many female gamblers experience. Going for Broke is a must read for anyone who has a friend or family member with a gambling problem.” (Eileen Fox, Gambling Counselor)

Going for Broke was a real eye-opener into the gambling world. You are right…it really could happen to anyone. I could have been Leia. Anyone could.” (Shannon, New York reader)

“I just finished reading Going For Broke. It was great. I finished in one day. Thank you for writing about a topic that is a huge problem, but no one wants to talk about it.” (Julie, Michigan reader)

“Addiction is a difficult thing, and Going for Broke is a fabulous glimpse into the life of a decent person who develops a compulsion to gamble until she no longer recognizes herself. Much like cocaine or heroine, the compulsion will eventually take over and swallow the person whole. The author does a wonderful job of accurately portraying how someone can sink so low and go so far as to being willing to do just about anything for their ‘fix.’ The rationalizing thoughts, the desire to be secretive, the withdrawal from friendships and support systems…it’s all there… What I liked best about the story was the honesty. There were no quick fixes, and while God holds people accountable for their mistakes, He will redeem anything and will meet us where we are if we would only trust in Him and not ourselves. I love edgy stories that illustrate how God even uses the muck in our lives to create something beautiful that will glorify Him. Going for Broke did that, and then some.” (Michelle Sutton, Edgy Inspirational Author Blog)

Together for Good

“Melanie has taken the age-old truth that God can be trusted with what we value most and created a lovely story that reveals what can happen when we let go and believe it.” (Susan Meissner, Author, Why the Sky Is Blue)

“Melanie Dobson’s got a story for you. In this straw-to-gold tale, Dobson shows that she can both spin a yarn and turn a phrase. The tapestry that is Together for Good will warm your heart like only a gift stitched with love can do.” (Melanie Wells, Author, Soul Hunter)

Together for Good is an awesome read. It has a great plot with several unique twists and subplots. Instead of the same-old same-old, this time the story focuses on a woman who wanted a child and the birthmother reclaimed the child before relinquishing her rights. Now twenty years later, Abby needs to know if her almost-son was safe and doing well.

I had a warm fuzzy along with my clogged throat when I reached the end of the story. the kind that makes you want to sigh with satisfaction. The story didn’t have a tidy, unrealistic ending, but one that glorified God! I loved this book and highly recommend it!” (Michelle Sutton, Edgy Inspirational Author Blog)

“Melanie Dobson delivers a gripping story of adoption, of loss and of restoration with a fresh twist—one I hadn’t read before. Free of clichéd writing, this unique story echoed in my heart long after I turned the last page. Excellent writing, coupled with unforeseen plot twists, this is a story you’ll not forget. I found the way Dobson weaves in the characters’ faith journeys refreshing and natural. A haunting story, Together for Good is highly recommended.” (Ane Mulligan, Novel Reviews Blog)

I was a women obsessed-obsessed with finishing your book! Immediately the story drew me in, and each ‘hook’ at the end of the chapters kept me turning pages. The book came yesterday. Today I finished it! (admittedly it was tempting to skip Sunday School and church, but I resisted!) Your character pictures were so vivid-I can picture each person in my mind. What a wonderful weekend escape! God’s path for your creative handwork is in my prayers. (Lynda S., reader)

Together for Good is a beautifully written story of God’s love and redemption for us all. In the midst of our pain, we often fail to seeany good in the situation and are blinded to the overall picture God has painted regarding our lives. In her debut novel, Melanie Dobson has illustrated Romans 8:28 with tenderness and very real characters. Whether you have been touched by adoption or not, you don’t want to miss this novel with its heart-warming characters and beautiful scenery.” (Vennessa Ng, Illuminating Fiction Blog)