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Cottages tangled in ivy. Cemeteries hidden down back roads. Secret spaces in basements and attics. Abandoned churches and broken houses with clothes still hanging in the closet, a thousand stories woven into the walls.

Every forgotten place and hidden corridor. Every tombstone and ghost town and faded words spilled across vintage paper. All of it makes me wonder. About the people—their secrets and successes and the many challenges they faced. About who they loved and the legacy they left behind. How their choices inspired or wounded generations to come. And, most of all, how God might have worked their story together for good.

Capturing the echoes of these stories is my passion. They ring in my mind like a bell across time, captivating and stirring me to share their song. In the pages of my books, you will find secrets from the past and characters wrestling with life today. You’ll find courage in the face of evil, beauty in hard places, and seemingly ordinary people who risk everything to love their neighbors.

Every novel I write is a personal journey of discovery with much awe of both the Master Creator and the remarkable power of story. I hope they stir your heart and soul too.

With joy, ~Melanie

Melanie Dobson Gutenberg Book Chair
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